Our Culture Is To Embrace Cultures.

About our company

Hiring Cub3d wants to simplify and improve the way we hire in today’s global workforce.

We have a long history in recruiting and hiring, and our team has worked with all types of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to small startups.

Hiring Cub3d solves the many
pain points of hiring

Recruiting Processes

Applicant Tracking Systems

Onboarding Process

Vendor Management

Compliance for Global Hires

Our Success Transcends Across A Global Scale

Hiring Cub3d has offices in North America, South America, India, Europe, and APAC. With coverage across the globe, our corporation’s expansive network means your hiring process goes smoothly, and that your business is compliant in any country you are hiring in.

The RIGHT people are your company’s
most important assets

Hiring Cub3d is a collaborative effort of three different companies

This collaboration is headed up by Jeanne McCloskey and Gaurav Tamta, both of whom have extensive world class experience building global hiring teams, global processes and bringing the best qualified candidates to organizations.

Hexa Global Ventures

Is a game-changer of a company, serving entrepreneurs and businesses in the human resource technology space.


A global IT and Technology staffing firm, brings a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise in software and staffing solutions


Is a consulting firm focusing on Human Capital Management, covering HR consulting, customized reporting solutions, and talent acquisition process and outsourcing. The firm has been named a Fortune 500 fastest-growing company for the past two years.

Building Great Teams

Jeanne McCloskey


Gaurav Tamta



Gaurav and Jeanne have helped companies such as Acquia, Drift.com, Sevita Health, Sage Hospice, Elevation Health, Agape Healthcare, Project44, Stop and Shop, Grove Collaborative, Symbotic, Monster.com, PWC. With our support, these companies have been able to either expand globally, start up recruiting teams, or augment their current recruitment teams immediately. Take a look at our services page to find out more about what we’re like to work with.